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Rituals and Spells:

Thai boxers are prone to believe in magic spells, and the occult in the believe that such ploys could stop the opponent who would be too puzzled to fight. Fighters are known to have gone as far as to recite spells in graveyards particularly those reputed to be haunted, so as to facilitate meditation, strength, courage and increase readiness to face a man.

In general, students of Thai boxing are usually initiated into a camp via an initiation ceremony. The chosen day is usually Thursday, (Thursday is considered the day of the god of arts and skills). The student would bring flowers, incense sticks, candles, towels and a water container to the teachers house. He would also bring with him 6 twenty-five Satang coins and 6 pieces of white cotton cloth. Depending on the amount of students who are to be initiated, a small feast is prepared, with pork, duck, and chicken with other foods and fruits.

The teacher would pick up either a glove or the sacred cotton laurel and raise it above his head, then the students to be initiated would bow to the teacher three times and put out his arm to be held by the teacher while holding the glove or laurel. Both the teacher and the student should be holding the article while the teacher begins to incite the blessing of knowledge; "Buddhang Prasit Dhammang Prasit Sangkang Prasit, Narayana is Chao Prasit Pawantute"  (Meaning the one who confers knowledge).

When the teacher releases the hands of the student, then holds the article above his head to pay respect to Rama, where he bows three times, he then faces the teacher and bows three more times towards him. The teacher then makes the following blessing;

"Siddhi Kijang, Siddhi Kammang, Siddhi Techo, Chaiyo Nijang, Chaiya Siddhi Pawantute"

If there is pork or duck etc., then the teacher will take a knife and slice a piece offering this to the student, while reciting "This object is given by Narayana to all his pupils so that they could be powerful and enjoy lasting happiness". The student makes another sign of respect and eats the piece of meat. There is always a large container of holy water and a statute of Buddha which is placed in the middle to bear witness to the ceremony. Holy water is sprinkled on the student and the teacher would offer the student the wearing of the holy cotton laurel which is governed with the following spell;

"Om Sri Siddhi Deja Chana Satru Na, Ma, Pa, Ta" You see me. Your mind should be gloomy, worried, without sense Namo Buddhaya makes you captivated, believing that I am Ong Promma Chaiya Siddhi Pawantume".

One of the spells used by King Naresuan during his march against the Burmese, is often used in this ceremony; "Pra Chao 5 Pra Ong" (Five Gods) Namo Buddhaya.; "Na Yan Bot Songkram ( Na the region of the war), Ma Tid tam Satru (Ma follow the enemy), Bud Tor Su Pai Rin, (Bud fight the foes), Cha Sin Pol Krai (Dha conquer all forces), Ya Chok Chai Chana (Ya glorious victory).

When fighting at close quarters King Naresuan used the following spell in engaging the enemy in battle.

"Na Dej Rukran (Na, might invades), Ma Tao Harn Fan Fad (Ma, courage in striking), Pa Pikat Home Huek (Pa, destroy without fear), Ta Prab Suek Toi Tod (Ta, repel the enemy)."